Green Point Ads

Greenpoint Ads is a dedicated team of internet professionals that have been involved in the online market for over 12 years. We have spent this time building and maintaining our relationships with advertisers and publishers and our purpose is to facilitate the delivery of smooth profitable campaigns.

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We just finished an explanatory video for OpiaTalk, a social conversion solution for e-commerce retailers.

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Vorian Agency

Beat Geek is a really user-friendly site. You can search through hundreds of different DJ's based in your area ready to be hired for your next event based on criteria like age, location, styles & other factors which will show you the best results. He is also really helpful becuase he wants to help you make the right decision to help make your event a success. Because of this, Beat Geek has pre-screened all DJ's on the site for quality & verification purposes, but also to help you make an informed decision, Beat Geek has collated photos, information, clear pricing, mixing samples along with an easy way to book them.

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Logo Animation.

Bloo Biz

We are proud to present our latest promo/explanatory video created for Bloo, Bloo Business Search has been built to ensure that it offers richer content than any other existing online business directory.

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Fuse Mobile

We are happy to present the latest promo video we have created for Fuse Mobile. The explosion in app downloads has led companies to shift their marketing through mobile applications and the mobile web. Fuse Mobile delivers a fast and seamless solution for publishers and content providers.

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We are happy to present our latest explanatory video created for Woumba. Woumba lets you easily create professional mobile websites for smartphones and tablets. Present what you want and where you want.

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Strategic Tax Lawyers

This time we have created an explanatory video for Strategic Tax Lawyers to illustrate the problems that the average taxpayer finds when dealing directly with the IRS.

Strategic Tax Lawyers, LLP is a law firm specializing in IRS and State Tax Controversies and serves clients nationwide. The law firm is led by a former IRS tax attorney that represented the IRS, as its own tax attorney, for over 8 years.

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En esta ocasión hemos tenido la oportunidad de preparar un video explicativo/promocional para Alchavo provee visibilidad financiera, garantiza cumplimiento y maximiza su tiempo. Mantiene su contabilidad al día y esta accesible 24-7 vía Internet. Además, le provee un contador experimentado, que lo lleva de la mano y en quien puede delegar de forma controlada el día a día de las tareas rutinarias.

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We are proud to release our latest explanatory video for coWonder, a place bursting with ideas to help you tackle ANY kind of challenge.

Here at coWonder, we love projects, questions, problems and challenges. But, more importantly, we love fostering the ideas to tackle any of these issues. We think that together – by spontaneously sharing our ideas and points of view with each other – we can address any issue, get help with any question.

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This is the latest video we proudly created, an explanatory animated video for SellSimple. The no-hassle selling tool, right in your pocket.
1. Snap a picture (or three).
2. Enter a few details.
3. Share your web & mobile listing via text, email, or social media.

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We are happy to announce that we recently created a promotional video for Dev8, the #1 Search Engine Optimization Especialists.

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Esta semana hemos tenido la oportunidad de realizar un video promo/explicativo para Styba, dando a conocer la gama de múltiples beneficios que ofrece su sistema de transporte y almacenaje.

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This time we had the chance to produce an explanatory/promo video for MEVVO. Mevvo Online Backup is simple, secure and unlimited.

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Hi5 Media Group Intro
Chopper Rescue Promo
Smokeless Image

We have created on the past weeks a promo video for the best electronic cigarette.

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This is our most recent promo video made for Bezz.

Bezz is a fully-fledged web design and development agency situated on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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Insider Band
Nikki Beach Promo

The mobile shopping revolution.

A recent work for Shopgate ( in collaboration with Hi5MediaGroup

Innova Diaz